November 20, 2011

Bunge wants, Luhanjo, Jairo Utouh taken to task

THE National Assembly on Saturday resolved that the government should take appropriate action against the Chief Secretary, Mr Phillemon Luhanjo, and the Controller and Auditor General, Mr Ludovick Utoh, following unlawful collection of money to finance endorsement of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals' annual budget.

The House has also resolved that the government should take disciplinary and legal action against the Minister for Energy and Minerals, Mr William Ngeleja, his Deputy Minister Mr Adam Malima and the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Mr David Jairo, over similar offences.

 The resolutions followed a report by a Parliamentary Select Team that established that Mr Jairo collected the money contrary to the laws of land and government's regulations.

 Mr Jairo wrote letters to Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) requesting 50m/-, the Rural Energy Authority (REA) asking for 50m/-, TANESCO (40m/-) and EWURA (40m/-) for finalization of a budget process of the ministry.

 Three institutions contributed as requested except for EWURA who resorted to financing dinners at a total cost of 9,797,600/-. Presenting the report, the Chairman of the team, Eng. Ramo Matala Makani (Tunduru North-CCM), revealed that the ministry, through Mr Jairo's initiative collected 418,081,500/- posting it in the bank account of the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST).

 Mr Makani revealed further that out of the amount, payment of 126,044,480/- were doubtful and therefore the National Assembly resolved that a forensic audit should be conducted to establish the validity of the payments.

The team questioned the rationale of such initiative considering the fact that the ministry had in June this year received 171,542,000/- from the Treasury as other charges. Available documents show that the ministry had 35,500,000/- for such purpose while requirements stood at 207,042,000/-.

 According to the report, available ministry's documents showed that 17,480m/- were paid on July 19, 2011 to African Dreams Conference Centre Ltd for food and entertainment for five consecutive days without supporting documents.

Source: Daily News

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