June 16, 2010



Photography Areas/Maeneo

Thursday 17th June/7 pm/Goethe-Institut

Goethe-Institut presents Areas/Maeneo a platform for friends of photography and professional photographers. Mwanzo Millinga, a proclaimed Tanzanian photographer, will showcase the works of 10 young photographers from Lindi. The first images of the on going training program in 6 regions around Tanzania are revealing new talents and strong impressions.

Goethe-Institut in co-operation with Flame Tree Media Trust

Kijakazi Yunus Christopher Lilai Elibariki Mafore

Karibu sana!

Karibuni wadau wooote wa glob hii na wote wapenda picha hapo Goethe kesho.

Lusekelo with Light touch,

WITH this World Cup madness going on, you wonder when it will stop. I saw a diva from Columbia teaching school girls in Sausi.
Some of us were a bit confused the lady singer from Columbia should actually be learning from the South Africans – not the other way around. But it happens. In these momentous events like the World Cup going on in Sausi, you see a lot of types and prejudices.
I think the noise of the vuvuzela has been honking in the whole world. So when I heard that SKY TV newscaster comment that some wazungus were finding the Vuvu noisy, I decided that was it. The wazungu has tried very much not to control its noise. I thought Sept Blatter would ban it.
The lady newscaster in SKY TV was thinking aloud, eti, that the Vuvu, should be banned. The reason?
It might affect the concentration of the players! I exploded in laughter. I thought loud noise is what the media is to politicians. They love it.
Look at Argentine coach in Sausi, the performance suggests that he cannot get off the cameras and the mike. The vuvuzela survived and I hope it continues to be so.
Any way in the ghettos of Dar, were treated by Tanzanian entrepreneurs who would show you the match, for a few bob, of course, in their contraptions called ‘videos’.
So this ka-house was advertising that Ivoly Costly was going to hit the grounds with Portugal. The reader might know the results by now. Such to the creative spirit of the Tanzania ghetto businessman.
Everyone has been asking – who will win? I asked such question to a friend of mine in ghetto land.
“Why, CCM of course!” He blurted out, with great enthusiasm.
“Not that.” I corrected, the man who was so CCM, I swear he had green tinted teeth in his mouth.
“Oh that? I think Brazil will naturally make it. I think we are in alliance with the Samba boys. They also wear green.” He said.
If I was some minister in the Bunge, I would introduce all the crazy motions in Dodoma. No one will vote against them.
Everyone’s mind will be in Sausi. No wonder the Bunge is being re-built -- to include TV for every MP. That way they can pretend they are busy worrying about the fate of Tanzanians while they are actually watching ball on TV and getting overpaid for it!

Shibuda aingia mitini

MBUNGE wa Maswa, John Shibuda (CCM), a
metangaza kuondoa kusudio lake la kugombea nafasi ya urais katika Uchaguzi Mkuu utakaofanyika Oktoba 31, mwaka huu.
Shibuda alitangaza nia yake ya kugombea kwa mara ya mwaka Oktoba mwaka jana na kurejea azma yake hiyo tena Mei 13, mwaka huu.
Lakini jana akitangaza uamuzi wake huo aliouita kuwa ameahirisha kugombea nafasi hiyo na atagombea tena mwaka 2015, alisema amefikia hivyo baada ya kuona Rais Jakaya Kikwete amefanya mambo mengi mazuri ya maendeleo.
“Napenda kutamka nina furaha kubwa ya kuongozwa na Rais Kikwete kwa sababu apendaye kuongoza lazima awe tayari kuongozwa na hisia za umma”, alisema
source: Habarileo

Nimeipenda hii, sijui nyie mwasemaje!

Japo ni katuni ya muda kidogo toka kwa msanii Said Michael lakini ujumbe wake bado mpya sana, mi nimeipenda bure je wewe?

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