November 25, 2009

Watani zangu acheni wasichana nao wasome jamani!!!

Tarime — FELISTA Laurent (15) had not been admitted to hospital in her life, until November 4, this year, when she was attacked by his father, Laurent Nyonyo and hospitalised at Tarime District Regional Hospital, with serious wounds. This was after she refused to get married. Staff Writer MUGINI JACOB visited the young girl at the hospital and now reports...

SHE is young and plans to begin her secondary education next year. Sadly, her future stands in limbo because her father wanted to receive some cows in dowry, forcing her to accept early marriage and thus sacrifice education.

The decision by Felista to reject an offer for early marriage has denied her father nine heads of cattle, but she is now feeling the pinch of not becoming a mother as early as her father wished.

"I have never been admitted to a hospital since I was born, but I am now wounded and hospitalized for refusing to be married", Felista says.

Yaani hawa watani zangu wananiacha hoi, wanasema ukipata mtoto wa kike tayari ni mtaji kwao. chekini na hii post ya zamani muone wakurya wasivyo na masihara ndoa za lazima

Muraaa wacha watoto wasome bana

Are You Unapproachable to Men?

Je Vijana hawakupi kideiti??

Dear What Men Want: Recently (4 months ago, to be exact) I moved to Manhattan after graduating college and I have yet to score a date with any eligible bachelors in the city. In fact, I don't even think I've given my number out once. My roommates, on the other hand, both go on dates all the time, while I end up empty-handed weekend after weekend. I'm no Gisele, but from what I've been told, this isn't a question of my attractiveness. My roommates think I'm a little too picky in my choice of men (which I like to call "high standards") and think I shut down men too fast, but even so, why are no decent men approaching me when I'm out? Is it possible that I look intimidating to men, and if so, do men only approach the easy-looking girls at bars? How can I change my attitude so that men find me more approachable without throwing myself at them? Please help, WMW!



Wadau kuna mweneye jibu? cheki hapa

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