May 6, 2009


Waziri Mkuu wa Kenya ameamua kumpokea Bwana YESU na kuokoka na kupata ubatizo wa maji mengi. Pia Rais Mwai Kibaki amekubali kuokoka na uenda naye akabatizwa hivi karibuni.
Born-again Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been baptised by a self-proclaimed prophet known for his doomsday warnings.
He was immersed in a swimming pool in Nairobi by David Owuor, of the National Repentance and Holiness Ministry.
The minister once foretold that half of Nairobi would be destroyed in an earthquake, which never happened.
Mr Owuor told the BBC that Mr Odinga's unity government rival, President Mwai Kibaki, had agreed to be baptised next.

Picha laanza kunoga!!!

Mengi amshtaki Rostam Aziz kwa kumchafulia Jina!!!
IPP Chairman, Reginald Mengi, has sued the Igunga MP, Rostam Aziz, seeking several demands, including 10bn/- compensation as general damages for libel at the High Court in Dar today claiming to be defamed at last Sunday Press.
He is asking the court to order Mr Aziz retract what he described falsehoods of matters he is complaining and an order for permanent injunction restraining him to repeat, publish and circulating falsehood.
Mr Mengi, the plaintiff is asking the court to issue permanent injunction restraining Mr Aziz, the defendant from making and publishing any matter concerning or touching him personally and his business without his consultation.

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