November 20, 2009

Obama amjibu mwana blog

President Obama's Responses to Yoani Sanchez's Questions

Thank you for this opportunity to exchange views with you and your readers in Cuba and around the world and congratulations on receiving the Maria Moore Cabot Prize award from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for coverage of Latin America that furthers inter-American understanding. You richly deserve the award. I was disappointed you were denied the ability to travel to receive the award in person.

Your blog provides the world a unique window into the realities of daily life in Cuba. It is telling that the Internet has provided you and other courageous Cuban bloggers with an outlet to express yourself so freely, and I applaud your collective efforts to empower fellow Cubans to express themselves through the use of technology. The government and people of the United States join all of you in looking forward to the day all Cubans can freely express themselves in public without fear and without reprisals.

yasome hapa

Karibu sana Mo Dewji ktk Ulimwengu wa Ku-Blog

Leo ktk vinjali yangu huku na huko mtandao ni niemebahatika kukutana na Blog ya Mh Mo Dewji, huyu ni Mbunge wa Singida Mjini Mjumbe wa CCM NEC, Mfanyabiashara maarufu, Mwanamichezo na Mmiliki wa timu pia, pamoja na shughuri nyingi zote hizi bado kaona umuhimu wa kuwa na jukwa la kubadilishana mawazo yaani Blog, akiwa na lengo kubadilisha na mawazo na wabongo na wana blog woote duniani hakika ulimwengu wa blog si mdogo kama baadhi ya watu wanavyodhani, bali njia hii ya upashanaji habari, uelimishanaji na burudani ni mpana na wahusisha watu wengi sana na ni njia rahisi sana ya kufikisha ujumbe kwa jamii inayo kuzunguka.
Rais wa Marekanai Barack Obama juzi alichukua muda kumjibu mwanablog Yoani Sanchez wa Cuba (angalia post hapo juu), baada ya dada huyo kupost maswali kadhaa kwa Obama kwenye blog yake. (sina hakika kama hicho chawezekana kufanyika hapa Bongo pia)
Karibu sana Mo Dewji, lakini jambo mmoja (sijui ni tatizo au) la kublog ni kukubali kuwa mtumwa wa blog au wadau maana haka ni kama kaulevi fulani hivi kila siku wahisi wawiwa na kitu iwapo inapita bila kupost au kutyembelea bloguni kuona watu wame-coment nini au kuna kitu gani kipya.


Fifa has refused the Football Association of Ireland's request for a replay of France's World Cup play-off win over the Republic of Ireland.

The Republic were beaten 2-1 on aggregate after France won with a goal from William Gallas, after Thierry Henry handled the ball in the build up.

A Fifa statement read: "The result will not be changed and cannot be replayed."

And the French Football Federation (FFF) has no intention of proposing a replay, BBC sport has learned.

With Fifa having rejected the Republic's plea, it was thought Ireland's only hope was if France themselves came forward and backed plans for a replay - but the FFF believes such a notion to be laughable, BBC Sport understands.

The Fifa statement continued: "As is clearly mentioned in the laws of the game, during matches, decisions are taken by the referee and these decisions are final."

A Fifa source had earlier said: "There is no way the game can be replayed. To do so would cause absolute chaos for football. If it was replayed, then every match in the future would also be subject to these calls for a replay any time a referee misses an incident.

"You have to have a rule that says the referee's judgement is always right."

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