August 22, 2011

Women who travel for sex

Kumbe tuna utalii wa aina nyingi sana Tanzania!! mpaka huu nao? Waliingizia taifa dola ngapi?

Women seeking beach boys


In winter, a tourist woman's fancy lustily turns to thoughts of sex. By the thousands they descend on the Caribbean every year, women driven by one urge: to spend a week or two sleeping with local "beach boys" and paying them back in drinks, meals, gifts and cash. READ MORE...

It is Saturday evening and this writer and a friend decide to go out for a beer. We choose the Q-Bar in Msasani, which comes highly recommended for its live music. The bar is packed with revellers from all walks of life. We sit at a corner and chat as we wait for our drinks. After a while, a mixed race couple catches our attention.

Beauty and the beast?
She is a blonde mzungu aged around 30, looking like she weighs almost 200 kilos. Back home in Germany, she would be considered ugly. Her escort, a beefy, dreadlocked Tanzanian in his early 20s, obviously doesn’t mind. He kisses and hugs her repeatedly and it is obvious that both are aglow with happiness. Is it real love? My friend and I wonder. Is he trying to make her fall in love to benefit from her wealth? Did she pay him to be her date?

In recent years, Tanzania has become more popular as a tourist destination and the number of sex tourists has also risen. Sex tourists frequently visit Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Moshi.

Most of these mzungu women do not meet European standards of beauty, and many of them are severely overweight. Back home, it is likely that they would have problems finding a boyfriend or husband due to their weight.
But it is different in Tanzania where men prefer women with curves, as it is a sign of wealth and health. In addition, there are quite a number of Tanzanian men who dream of marrying a mzungu to escape poverty. “I don’t care if she is stupid or ugly,” a taxi driver once told me. “I just want to settle in a country like Sweden or Germany to start a better life.” 

Some mzungu women accept this scenario because from the exchange, they get what could pass for love, and of course, sex. In these couplings of convenience, both parties are happy but for different reasons. 

Marie*, a 21-year-old from Germany says she fell in love with Hamisi*, a 32-year-old safari guide from Moshi. She is happy that she finally found love. “I never had a boyfriend in Germany. Men didn’t like me back home because of my weight.” Marie weighs 110 kilos and has suffered from depression and self-esteem issues since she was a teenager. But things changed when she came to Tanzania. 

Marie and Hamisi met at the La Liga Club in Moshi. “As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one. I have never seen such a beauty in my life!” Hans says. 

“When I am with him I feel like a queen,” Marie says. He made me feel beautiful and desirable for the first time in my life.” Before Hamisi, she had never met a guy before who showered her with so many compliments. The couple is planning to get married and settle in Germany. “I asked my father to offer Hamisi a job at his company,” Marie says. 

Women like Marie are easy targets because of their lust for love. “The way these guys seduce you makes it so hard for a sexually active woman to say no,” says Jane*, a 58-year-old British widow that this writer met at the Sea Cliff hotel in Masaki. Jane* visits Tanzania three times a year to visit her Tanzanian boyfriend. He is 21. She knows that it would not be as easy for a woman her age to find such a young boyfriend in Britain. According to Jane*, it’s not all about love. 

“I met a woman who told me that she is just visiting Tanzania to get good sex and nothing else. And I can understand where she is coming from.”
Reports show that women from Europe, especially Italians and Dutch women, frequently fly to East Africa on sex tourism missions. 

“When beach boys see a single female tourist, they approach and ask for money in exchange of sex. When tourists approach these boys, sex for cash exchanges occur too,” a hotel manager in Bagamoyo told this writer.

Source: The Citizen 

Mahakama ya rufaa kuuzwa!! labda ni ndoto tu.

Pengine ni ndoto za mchana au ni jinamizi lilinikumba nikajikuta naota eti Mahakama ya Rufaa imeuzwa  na ati inatarajiwa kuvunjwa, siamini, nadhani ni ndoto za mchana tu ndo zinanisumbua, sidhani kuwa serikali yangu hii, niloichagua na kuiweka madarakani inaweza kufanya jambo kama hilo, sidhani, na haiwezekani.

Ndoto za mchana uwa ni mbaya wakati mwingine, ni rahisi kuota umeokota bulungutu na kuamka ukiwa lofa zaidi, eti ile hoteli jirani yake imeihisi inabanwa na mahakama ile na sasa inataka iondoe kiwingu, ati wageni wakiona majoho ya waheshimiwa majaji wetu wanaweweseka vyumbani, mvinyo haupandi, wanaota majinamizi! Mhh ni kweli habari hii? Mbona yule kiongozi wa taifa kubwa kabisa duniani alilala hapo siku kadhaa na hakuweweseka? ahh, ndo mambo ya ndoto hayo unakurupuka unadhani ni kweli, walinganisha na uhalisia waona kuna walakini ndo wagundua, kumbe ni ndoto tu. 

Lakini mbona ndoto hii imekuwa ndefu hivi? ati kuna wataalamu fulani (si wa sheria) wanataka kuandamana kupinga kuvunjwa kwa mahakama hii? mhh yawezekana bado niko ndotoni, hivi wanasheria si ndo wangekuwa wakwanza kuandamana? sasa iweje wale, wanaitwaje vileee?? enhee, wasanifu ndo wawe na kimbelembele kuandamana??? Si mwaona mambo ya ndoto hayo, lakini kama ingekuwa ni kweli hata mimi ningewaunga mkono, ningeandamana, sijui mpaka wapi, kokote kule. 

Ahh! ndo mambo ya ndoto za mchana hayo, usiombe ukaota, zinadanganya sana, hebu we fikiria serikali makini kama hii kweli yaweza kufanya uamuzi wa kijinga kama huo? hata siku moja haiwezekani, ni ndoto hizo, tena za mchana, silali tena mchana nisije jikuta naota na Ikulu nayo imeuzwa bure!

Jamani puuzieni, ni ndoto tu.  

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