November 11, 2009

Siku Bendera ilipofika Kileleni.

Mwanamichezo Elly Gerald Minja siku alipoifikisha kileleni mwa Mlima wa Kilimanjaro Bendera ya taifa katika kuhitimisha mbio za kinywaji zilizobeba kampeni ya "Fikisha Tanzania Katika Hatua ya Juu" ikishirikisha wamariadha nyota zaidi ya 70 waliokimbiza bendera kwa zaidi ya kilomita 567 kwa siku tano kuanzia Dar es Salaam hadi Marangu, Moshi mkoani Kilimanjaro.

Rupert Murdoch awachimbia mkwala GOOGLE

Rupert Murdoch to take news off Google
Rupert Murdoch, the media czar who heads prime news sources like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, 20th Century Fox and Fox News, has threatened Google that he will soon pull the plug to make his sites disappear from Google listing.
In an interview with Sky News Australia, Murdoch accused Google, Microsoft, and others of "stealing" his company's content. When asked why he doesn't pull his web sites from Google's search results he replied, "I think we will. But that's when we start charging."

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