March 7, 2011

Babu wa Loliondo awa maarufu ghafla

Umati wa watu unaozidi kufurika huko Loliondo kwa dhumuni moja tu, kupata dawa ambayo inaaminika inatibu magonjwa sugu ama yaliyoshindikana ni dalili wazi kuwa japo twaishi na twatembea mitaani lakini hatuko salama, wengi tu wagonjwa.
Je ni kweli dawa hii ya inatibu au ni imani tu? only time will tell.

Something big and quiet unusual has been happening in Tanzania Loliondo Arusha. People are flocking the area from all over Tanzania including Government Officals, UN workers, citizens and almost 1000 cars heading there all becasue............

It is believed there is a cure out there to chronic diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer and even HIV/AIDS. This medication as claimed is being provided by an old man who is a retired Rev. of the KKKT Lutheran church in Loliondo by the name of Ambilikile Mwasapile (76).

According to sources (Mwananchi Jumapili newspaper) which visited him at his residence - He told them that he was instructed by God through his dreams in 1991 about this medication and what he should do to heal people with serious illnesses such as cancer and diabetes and asthma at first and later on in another dream that is when he was told by God that it could also heal people with HIV/AIDS. The dream kept occuring to him several times and last year on August 26 that was when he decided to start the healing work.

The treatment only costs Tshs 500, and its just one cup of the medication which should not be repeated once taken, and it comes from the tree shown below called(Mugariga) not sure what language that is!!

Before the medication is given out he prays for it and then boils it in clean water. He also claims that in order for the medication to work he has to be the only one who administers it to the patient and it starts working straight away!!! There have been reports from some people who have been there and used the medication, that claim to be healed!!!!!
Pics courtesy of Arusha Geneva of Africa
Story courtesy Miss Jestina blog

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