October 23, 2009


Having examined all general election results from the Movement system to present day (1996-2006), we have found un-refuted indications of rigging in all three elections. The group also found among others;
The “Buzaaya County” effect of 1996 where polling stations were counted twice by Electoral Commission. The persistence of “Buzaaya” especially in Kampala needs to be addressed. Subsequently, we have downgraded the Presidential candidate score of Mr Yoweri Museveni from 4.4 million to 4.3 million to reflect the right score. After adjustment, Yoweri K. Museveni scored 75 per cent in 1996. The “Ayivu effect” 2006 where the NRM failed to prevent internal rigging in NRM elections and caused the NRM Presidential candidate to lose a former NRM stronghold (protest vote for opposition).
The “Mushanje effect” – Rubanda County West, Kabale 2006, where the NRM (Museveni) candidate’s victory declared at the polling station was altered and recorded as a Besigye victory at National Electoral Commission. This was done by the presiding officer who probably signed a new declaration sheet after polling. We have no way of authenticating signatures or a citizens’ register from which to compare and cross match.
NRM must unreservedly lead the way to remove all “ghosts” as they are more likely to damage the party in 2011 and will work into FDC plan to bring the NRM candidate below 50 per cent as we shall demonstrate.
Whereas external forces compromise the election results, this report shows that internal non-adherence to the party laws and selective application thereof also undermines the Party’s performance probably to a greater extent.
In order for NRM to succeed in 2011, the Party leadership must ensure internal cohesion and discipline, and adherence to the party constitution. This must apply across the organisation from top Party Leadership to the Branch executive.
We therefore advocate for all NRM to lead by example in ensuring discipline and adherence to the Party laws. This will ultimately ensure 80 Per cent victory for NRM Presidential candidate and all other candidates competing at various levels. We also recommend an early strategic plan from top leadership.

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