June 15, 2009


Njemba mmoja mwanasheria wa serikali alikuwa na wakati mgumu huko Uganda baada ya kufumwa na pesa za Rushwa na kutamani kuzimeza pale alipozitia kinywani na kuanza kutafuna pasipo mafanikio.

Police detectives and residents of Gulu District were on Friday treated to drama when the district state attorney attempted in vain to chew and swallow money he had allegedly received as a bribe.

Mr Emmanuel Muwonge was arrested in his office minutes after he allegedly received Shs150,000 as a bribe from the family of a man identified as Dr Ojok, who is facing charges of assault. Mr Muwonge had allegedly promised to ‘kill’ the case.

His plan to destroy the evidence backfired because he failed to chew the first set of Shs10,000 notes he had put in his mouth.

A Police source who asked for anonymity because he is not allowed to speak to the press, said Mr Muwonge’s arrest came after the people he took a bribe from first recorded the serial numbers of the money with the Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigations, Mr Sylvano Kibwota, before handing over the cash.

Northern Uganda Regional CID officer Vincent Ouma said Mr Muwonge received the bribe in collusion with a Police officer attached to court only identified as Sgt. Omwa. He said the Police was still investigating the matter.

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