August 30, 2011

HELL and HEAVEN, The difference

The story of Holy man and God.

A holy man was speaking to the Lord one day and asked Him the
difference between Heaven and Hell. "Come I'll show you" said the Lord
as he led the man up to two doors.
He pushed open the first door and they entered a large room.
A group of people were sitting around a large table. And on the table was
a large pot filled with delicious stew. the aroma made the holy man's
mouth water  but he noticed that the people looked famished and sickly.
They were all holding spoons with long handles strapped to their arms.
While they could all reach out and take spoonfuls of the delicious stew
from the pot, they could not put them into their mouths, as the handles were
longer than their arms.
Their suffering was unbearable, made worse by the wonderful aroma.
"That's hell!" said the Lord.
"Now let's look at heaven" he said, leading the man through the second door
into another identical room. Same round table. Same pot of stew. Same aroma
that made the holy man's mouth water.
Here too the people at the table had long spoons strapped to their arms. but
they all looked healthy and happy and were laughing and enjoying themselves.
"I don't get it" said the holy man. "Similar rooms, tables, pots, the same
stew and identical long spoons. How come these guys are plump and happy,
while those people were starved and sad?"
"Simple" said the Lord. "These people have learnt to feed each other.
The greedy think only of themselves" End of story.
Someone has rightly said 'You can achieve all your goals if only you help
enough other people achieve their goals. Winning teams and winners are
really all about people feeding each other. About putting other people's
needs and interests before your own.

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Thanks Dave for sharing this with us

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