August 19, 2011

Rais atumia basi kuzunguma mikoani. "BUS ONE"

Basi jipya la Rais "Bus one ama Bus force One" lililonunjuliwa ama kutengezwa maalumu nchini Canada kwa ushauri wa watu wa usalama kwa gharama ya Dola Milion 1.1 kwa matumizi na kuanza kutumiwa na  Rais Barack Obama miezi miwili tu iliyopita limeanza kuzua mjadala kwenye vyomba vya habari huko Marekani.

Wengi wanaoji matumizi makubwa kununua gari hilo nje ya nchi huku akihubiri kubana matumizi, zipo baadhi ya blog zimefika mbali zaidi na kuingiza ubaguzi wa rangi katika kuwasilisha hoja zao kwa kulifananisha rangi ya basi hilo na anayelitumia, katika karne hii ya ishirini na moja kuzungumzia ubaguzi wa rangi ni sawa na kufilisika kisiasa ama kiakili, ni upunguani kama si ujuha wa muhusika. 

U.S. President Barack Obama is causing a stir by traveling around his country in a luxury bus made in Canada.
Reports indicate Obama is riding in style in a VIP H3-45 made by Prevost, which has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Sainte-Claire, Que., southeast of Quebec City.
The New York Post reports that the bus was purchased for $1.1 million U.S., ordered last summer and delivered just two months ago. The Post cites a contract showing it is one of two of these types of buses bought by the U.S. federal government, and that the product's origin is Canada.
Prevost spokeswoman Christine Garant is quoted by the publication as saying the bus is a "luxurious model" that musical artists such as Kid Rock, David Lee Roth and Kenny Rogers have used.
Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told the Post of the bus: "There are certain security and communications equipment that we'll have in there."
But there appears to be some public-relations problems caused by the U.S. president traveling in an expensive piece of machinery built outside the country at a time when Americans are in desperate need of jobs.
On news and opinion website, writer Gig Veres called it "a slap in the face to Americans standing around doing nothing but waiting for a job."


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