August 14, 2011

Do it in the name of love!

Binti aweza fanya lolote kwa sababu ya Penzi!
A woman in love can do anything, even tattooing herself!

IF you want peace, read this article very fast and finish before Nsaba Buturo catches you. Because I am going to write about tattoos! And the former minister of ethics would rather stand as an independent than have a tattoo. He said so himself.

 But do not worry, I am not writing about the Bobi Wine and wife kind of tattoos; it is much worse. If a love-inspired tattoo of Barbie, expressing love to her husband, Bobi, causes a gasp to you, then you should be in the age where the things you buy now will not wear out. And in that case, you should be used to the fact that most of your wise advice is routinely ignored because the current generation is largely made up of Movement people, who do not listen to advice.

 I once asked my son, I think he was eight years then, what he would do if he got sh10m. I expected him to talk about buying his dad some expensive gift, but guess what he said: He would go for a full body tattoo of snakes, lizards, bones, skulls and… what else scares Butuuro?

My know-it-all fatherly advice about the danger and pain in tattooing and the importance of rewarding hard working dads was responded to by one word: Yadde! This small word means a lot; something like you are boring me with nonsense, dad; I will do the tattoo even if it fires sugar prices through the roof!

 That called to mind my first interaction with tattoos, only then it was a much more romantic experience. I had this gift of being loved big time when I was still in high school. For some reason, all the girlfriends I got really loved me to pieces and they are the reason I am so demanding when it comes to love relationships. One girl in her S4 got a compass and scribbled my name on her thigh! Of course, it involved skin puncture, bleeding, pain and healing to leave a scar bearing my name, but she did it.

...Kama wataka amani isome hii fasta kabla .... hajakukuta hapo, teh, teh, teh ifate mwenyewe HAPA upate na ushauri wapi pa kuweka tattoo ikiwa ni lazima, ikiwa kweli umemzimia jamaa, kwani itakuwa vipi ikiwa umepiga bonge la chata ikulu na mara jamaa anakupiga kibuti!

Kuna kisa kimoja nilikisoma kwenye mtandao mmoja wa jamii malalamiko ya jamaa mmoja ambaye alioa binti ambaye kwa bahati njema (au mbaya?, mjadala mwingine huo), hawakuwai kukutana mpaka siku ya ndoa, wakiwa katika mwezi asari (honey moon) jamaa anakuta demu anabonge la tattoo maeneo nyeti la jina la boyfriend wake wa kwanza kabisa alomwonjesha tunda kwa mara ya kwanza! duh ni kitimtim, sijui kama ndoa iliendelea, sijui!

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