August 9, 2011

London si shwari tena!

Violence erupted in Tottenham, North London, on Saturday after a peaceful protest against the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old local man, Mark Duggan, by police last week.

 It spread over the weekend to Enfield and Walthamstow in north London and Brixton in the south.

 Monday's violence started in Hackney after a man was stopped and searched by police but nothing was found.

 Scotland Yard say 225 people have been arrested as violence spreade across London.

 Businesses have been looted and set on fire in Camden, Clapham, Peckham, Ealing and Notting Hill.

 Violence has also erupted in Birmingham, where shops in the city centre have been attacked and an unmanned police station in the Handsworth area is on fire. 
Source: BBC

Miji hii na nchi ilikuwa salama kabisa mpaka siku ya Ijumaa kabla ya mauaji ya Mark Duggan na polisi, maandamano ya amani yaliibuka na kuenea maeneo mbalimbali na kupelekea vurugu, uporaji, uchomaji na uharibifu mkubwa wa mali katika miji ya London, Birmingham, na mingineyo

Chanzo cha yote hayo? ni mauaji ya mtu mmoja tu na polisi! 

Je twajifunza kitu gani hapa? Watawala na watawaliwa, Polisi na raia twapata somo gani toka UK kwa mama????

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