July 10, 2011

Find your own mountain

Nimeipata hii toka kwa Mtaalamu na Mkufunzi wa MLM Business Dave Virdee, nikaona ni vyema kuwashirikisha wadau, sina shaka itafanyika msaada kwa wengi na kuanza leo kuweka malengo makubwa kama mlima Kilimanjaro.

If two people are trying to climb a mountain together what's
the most important thing they need to get to the top?
Is it equipment? Or training? Or teamwork? Or favourable
weather conditions?

Well, they need all these for sure. But the most important thing is the mountain itself. They need a clear goal!

Too often we get obsessed with the equipment and the training but have no clear goals. The best mountain climbing equipment is of no use if you don't have a mountain to climb.

We need to have our own mountains, our own goals. Once
you have them, you get a sense of purpose. You become
disciplined, you get up early, you brave the cold, you watch
your diet, you seek out experts, you read the books. All because
you now have a mountain to climb. A peak to conquer.

So instead of complaining about your equipment or your training and worrying about buying more sophisticated equipment, set your own goals first.

Find your own mountain. That could be the first step towards transforming your whole life.

Go ahead. Write down your goals. Today!

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