October 21, 2010

Top Ten reasons to drink Aloe Vera Gel

Sababu kumi za kunywa Aloe Vera Gel

10. Effect of the gut

Aloe Vera has a wonderfully beneficial action on bowel function, which results in smooth and efficient transit of contents, often eradicating inconvenient colicky pain.

9. Assist in healthy digestion

A healthy digestive tracts ensures the nutrients from the food we eat absorbed into the bloodstream. There is clear clinical evidence that by drinking aloe Vera Gel the bowel is able to absorb these nutrients more efficiently especially protein. I also suspect that many other substances are much better absorbed under its influence.

8. Effect on gut flora

Aloe Vera is a natural ‘balancer’ in many areas and nowhere more so than inside the gut, where it tends to regulate the various bacteria and yeasts that inhabit it. For example if a person were to suffer with too much yeast in the gut, regular ingestion of the gel would tend to reduce this overgrown. The same can be said of the more unfriendly bacteria that can accumulate in certain conditions.

7. Effect on the skin

When they are first produced deep in the epidermis, skin cells are rather large and very much alive, but by the time they reach the surface after 21 – 28 days (in normal skin), they are a shadow of their former selves and are transformed into just thin flakes of keratin which eventually fall off. Aloe Vera Gel provides the essential nutrition to feed the basal cells. There fore the skin remains healthy and is able to perform its vital functions more efficiently as well as looking much better.

6. Increases the activity of fibro blasts.

Fibroblasts are specialized cells found in the skin. Their job is to produce fibre such as collagen and elastin. These fibres give the skin its structure and of course, make it look plump and elastic. The more you have, the younger skin may look.

By Dr Peter Atherton’s MB ChB, DObst RCOG, FRCGP and Actvisory Board Member.

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