September 10, 2011

Mauaji ya kutisha Arusha - Msichana amchinja babayake

A WOMAN identified as Margret Elias Mollel, 32, is being held by the police for the alleged gruesome killing of his own father before dumping the deceased's body in a pit latrine.

The woman is said to have chopped his father, Elias Roki Mollel, 75), into several pieces by using a machete.

During interrogation, Ms Margret Mollel, is said to have confessed to having carried out the killing after her father denied her permission to sell off a piece of family land.

She said that she wanted to sell the land so that she could get money to go to Samunge village in Loliondo to seek treatment from former Lutheran Pastor Ambilikile Masapila whose herbal concoctions are believed by many to cure chronic diseases.

The Acting Arusha Regional Police Commander, Mr Akili Mpwapwa, said that the pieces of the hacked body were discovered on Thursday September 8 but preliminary forensic investigations indicated that the deceased was killed on Sunday September 4.

The incident occurred in the Ambuleni area of Meru District and according to the police, neighbours discovered the body after a strong smell started emanating from the latrine outside the deceased's house.

Neighbours said that they noted that the old man had gone missing for a while and when they queried her daughter she would always say that her father had gone to Samunge village in Loliondo for treatment from the famed former cleric.

 The smell from the latrine prompted the neighbours to check the toilet where they realized that the odour was from a decomposing body, with one of the deceased's legs still hanging from the latrine hole.

 Police were called to the scene and upon arrival they broke the latrine and retrieved pieces of the deceased's body but a number of organs were missing and are yet to be found, including Mr Mollel's private parts.

The police are still investigating the matter to establish whether the suspect acted alone or was assisted by accomplices.

Source: Daily News

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