January 11, 2010

Dakika 11 zilizowashangaza Wa Angola.

2055: GOAL Angola 4-4 Mali

2054: GOAL Angola 4-3 Mali

2052: From Barty in Buckinghamshire via text: "Hey there, I was just wondering, why is it called the 11 de Novembre stadium? I'm guessing that day is something important to Angola? But I'm curious." Yep it was the date of Angola's independence in 1975. Looks like the stadium is a lucky one for Angola so far.

2049: Mali goal: A half-decent cross from the left is turned into a decent one when Frederic Kanoute leaps close to the edge of the box and guides a superb header past Carlos Fernandes. First bit of class from the Sevilla man tonight.

2048: GOAL Angola 4-2 Mali

2044: From Trevor in Harare via text: "Great performance from Angola, reducing Mali to an ordinary outfit. The pitch looks awful though."

2041: Mali goal: Angola keeper Carlos Fernandes drops an absolute clanger when he fails to gather a low corner under no pressure whatsoever. After a goalmouth scramble Seydou Keita stabs the ball home for a consolation.

2039: GOAL Angola 4-1 Mali

2038: redandblackT1899 on 606 "Keshi, a great player in his own right, must be wondering how to merge this individually talented squad into a fully functional unit."

2036: Angola goal: Gilberto is once again the architect as he runs onto a through ball and, to be honest, makes a little more than he needed to of the Mali challenge but the referee points to the spot and this time Manucho steps up and slots it. Party time in Luanda!

2034: GOAL Angola 4-0 Mali

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