February 24, 2009

Loud Silence....by Upendo H.

Not all old is wise…

I am very tired of shallow minded people who like to put tags on everything. Do they not know that everything does not always come with a price tag?

For example, if you do not have a degree you are considered “unfit,” but I can mention numerous people who do not have a degree and have still made it.

Bill Gates being the richest man in the world I imagine does not go around preaching how well and better a person he is. I can also mention a couple of people who have degrees up to P.H.Ds who are just disconnected from this world.

For instance I remember having a teacher in O`level who had a P.H.D in the subject she was teaching, and God knows she was the most boring, slow and uninspiring teacher I ever had to listen too.

But this is not a name calling article, what I truly want to express out there to the world is that this world that is full of judgment a prejudice is a sad and suffocating one, and if it shall continue like this I will loose my mind before they send me to the grave!

I have a friend who makes me feel like I am crazy every time I want to watch a programme on television on fashion; he thinks that I should always watch the news.

I agree on the watching news part, but do not agree on the fact that it has to be all the time. I love watching the news and knowing what happens on a daily basis not on an hourly basis! What really drives me to the curb is the whole idea that I automatically become stupid, simply because I do not watch the news the whole time.

So let’s say not everyone has experienced this, but I have another example on why I am so irritated.

There was a time I managed to secure a job at a much respected place. Of course I found people who had been there for a long time, people who knew the ins and outs of the company, people who knew everyone and the sort.

So here I was young and full of new ideas that were ready to burst out, I was ready to change the world, or so I thought.

With my bright ideas I was unstoppable… for like a minute when they were all suddenly shuttered by a simple statement “we do not do things that way”. I have to admit that it hurt me, but I was composed and no one could tell I was crushed.

But it did get me thinking, a company like that full of old people still operating in the seventies, and here I was trying to make some constructive criticism, and for what? To be told I was too young and inexperienced to know what I was talking about. I must say, I do not like people who tend to feel superior just because they are twenty years older than someone… some even say that height has something to do with it.

They say ( men especially) people who are short and small tend to have an inferiority complex, and would do things just to get attention.

Imagine having a boss who has this complexity? Exactly you would not. I do not know the extent of this theory, but in my young “stupid” years I have observed quite a number, one I even work with.

Somehow these kinds of people who are rigid at all times tend to be sad and hypocritical. Because if they are old and wise, surely they must know that change is inevitable.

I guess God made people to be different for this very reason, to challenge, to make us think and to drive us mad, and eventually to love one another, because eventually we do love one another.

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