April 16, 2008


WADAU KABLA SIJAKAA SAWA NA MIFWEZA TOKA YAHOO MARA NAPATA EMAIL HII TOKA KWA HAWA JAMAA...... JAMANI HIZI SI NI ZAIDI HATA YA ZILE ZA "CHENGA" MNAESEMA ANAMIFWEZA KIBAO UGHAIBUNI? TEH TEH TEH...... KA-CALCULATOR KANGU KAMEKATAA KAZI KANASEMA "out of range" sijui ndo pesa ngapi hizi wadau, naomba msiwe na mtimanyongo atakayenipigia hesabu kamili tutagawana pasu kwa pasu sina noma mie.teh teh teh teh...ni siku ya kicheko tu leo. teh teh teh teh teh teh ....... LOTTERY ORGANIZATION EURO MILLION UNITED KINGDOM IN COLABRATION WITH GOLD MINING COMPANY. LONDON MILLION INT & NATIONAL LOTTERY PROMOTION OUAGADOUGOU BURKINA FASO,12th AVENUE KWAME NKRUMAH 01 BP . WINNER- REF: LP/26510460037/03. BATCH: 24/00319/IPE www.acculotto.com WINNING/AWARD FINAL NOTIFICATION It is our pleasure to inform you of the declaration and of winners of the LONDON MILLION INT LOTTERY AWARD held on 12th of APRIL 2008.. Having picked your mail address by our electronic web site visitors collectors in-recognition of your patronage to the Internet services. In the final draw,your name was attached to ticket number 6325698-44596-222, with serial number 410-32659,draw lucky numbers 4014-236985744-596 which consequently won in the 2nd category. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of (850,000.00 Euros Eight Hundred and fifty Thousand Euros), In cash accredited file No:LP/26510460037/03. This is from a Total Cash Prize of (Euro 48,400,00000 FOURTY EIGHT BILLION EURO) shared among the 22 International Countries in this category. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25,000 names from Africa, Australia, New Zealand, America,Europe,North America and Asia as part of International Promotions Program that is conducted annually to encourage the use of Internet and Internet based programs. We are delighted to express our heartfelt congratulations to you. We hope that with a fraction of your wining money,you will be able to assist the less privilege in your society and also participate in our next year high stakes promotions of Euro 100 million International Lottery. For your information on how you will start the Processing and remittance of your prize money to your designated account of your choice. Please contact the claiming Agent stated below to receive your winning Money immediately: NATIONAL LOTTERY PROMOTIONS/PRIZE GIVING AWARD 12TH.AVENUE KWAME N'KRUMAH, OUAGADOUGOU,BURKINA-FASO. NAME:Mr Adam Smith. email: lotterycompany88@yahoo.com Remember,all prize money must be claimed not later than 25th of APRIL 2008. After this duration,all funds will be returned to the Ministry of Economic Affairs as unclaimed. NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers in every one of your correspondences with us or to our coordinate sponsor's bank. Should there be any change of your address, do inform the claiming Manager to process your transaction as soon as possible. !!!CONGRATULATION!!! Congratulations from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotions program. Any breach of confidentiality on the part of the winners will result to disqualification. We wish you continued good fortunes. Best Wishes. The Management, Lottery Organisation.

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