September 12, 2011

Ukweli kuhusu Mv Spice Islander 1

  • Imetengenezwa Ugiriki 1967 ikijulikana kama Marianna 
  • Ina uwezo wa kubeba tani 836 GRT (Mizigo na abiria)
  • Imeuzwa zaidi ya mara mbili
  • Ilinunuliwa kama mtumba mwaka 2007 na Makame Hasnuu akabadili jina kuwa Spice Islander 1
  • Ilishawai kupata tatizo la Inngine ikielekea Somalia, 
  • Ina uwezo wa kubeba abiria 645. 

The ship was 60.00 metres (196 ft 10 in) long, with a beam of 11.40 metres (37 ft 5 in). She was assessed at 836 Gross Registered Tonnage, 663 NRT, 225 Deadweight Tonnage. The ship was propelled by two Poyaud 12VUD25 diesel engines, of 1,560 horsepower (1,160 kW).

Built in 1967 as Marianna for an unknown owner, she was later sold to Thelogos P Naftiliaki, Piraeus, Greece. In 1988, Marianna was sold to Apostolos Shipping and renamed Apostolos P. She was later sold to Saronikos Ferries and placed in service on the Piraeus - Aegina - Angistri route.

In 2005, Apostolos P was registered to Hellenic Seaways. In 2007, she was sold to Makame Hasnuu, Zanzibar, Tanzania. and renamed Spice Islander I. On 25 September 2007, Spice Islander I was off the coast of Somalia when she experienced engine problems due to contaminated fuel. After the alarm had been raised via Kenya, USS Stout from Combined Task Force 150 was sent to her aid. The ship was on a voyage from Oman to Tanzania and was not carrying any passengers. USS James E. Williams also responded. Stout provide the ship with 7,800 US gallons (30,000 l; 6,500 imp gal) of fuel and supplied the ten crew with food and water. After her engines were restarted, she resumed her voyage to Tanzania.
On 10 September 2011, she sank with large loss of life. 

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