September 24, 2011

Satelite hii imeangukia wapi??

NASA (Shirika la Mambo ya Anga la Marekani) linadhani kuwa Satelite  hii chakavu yenye ukubwa sawa na basi kubwa inaweza kuwa ishadondoka mpaka kufika asubui hii, wanadhani kuwa itakuwa imedondoka kwa kishindo kikuu na pengine kutawanyika umbali wa zaidi ya kilomita 800 katika maeneo ya Canada, Afrika ama baharini.

NASA said early Saturday it was trying to confirm the crash-landing of the biggest piece of US space junk to fall in 30 years, which was over Canada, Africa and open ocean during the re-entry window.

 The US space agency stressed there was a "very remote" risk to the public from the 26 fragments of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) which were expected to survive the fiery re-entry into the atmosphere.

 The debris was expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere between 11:45 pm Friday and 12:45 am Saturday (0345-0445 GMT Saturday), NASA said in its latest update.

"During that time period, the satellite was passing over Canada and Africa, as well as vast areas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. The risk to public safety was very remote," the agency added.

 "NASA is working to confirm the re-entry location and time and will provide an update shortly."
The Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies at the California-based Aerospace Corporation predicted the re-entry would occur at 0404 GMT Saturday, plus or minus three hours.

 The two dozen parts that survive the re-entry may weigh as little as two pounds (one kilogram) or as much as 350 pounds (158 kilograms), NASA said, and the debris field is expected to span 500 miles (800 kilometers).

Source: AFP

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