August 1, 2011

Chonde Chonde ulevi noumaaa!!

Pombe za bure zatwaaa uhai wa Mzambia
Mwili za jamaa mmoja raia wa Zambia anayasadikiwa kufa baada ya kubugia pombe nying kupita kiasi ukitolewa toka hotel ya Southern Sun. 

A ZAMBIAN man was on Sunday found dead in a room at the Southern Sun Hotel in Dar es Salaam where three other people were discovered in a critical condition. 

The police associate the incident with excessive drinking of alcohol. The dead person has been identified by only one name, Baster. 

The three, who were unconscious, were rushed to the Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) where, after receiving first aid, one of them gained consciousness and identified himself as Eliudi Sikwabi, a British national. 

He also named his colleagues as Ikbar Bahabur, a Zambian national and Omari, a Tanzanian. 

The Ilala Regional Police Commander (RPC), Mr Faustine Shilogile, said the body and the three men were found in room number 425 on the fourth floor. 

He said the four had earlier attended a wedding party where it is believed they took a substantial amount of alcohol. 

"They returned to the hotel and locked themselves in the room which Sikwabi had booked.They continued drinking because when the police arrived they found some bottles of spirits and glasses. 

Mr Shilogile said police are working with the hotel management to find out detailed information about the victims. Mr Shilogile denied reports that the incident was connected to drug trafficking. 

"The incident has nothing to do with drugs. What we have found out so far is that these people were drinking (excessively) in a hotel room. We found a bottle of whiskey and four glasses on a table," he said. 

Source: Daily news

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