July 27, 2011

Mbona hakuna uwiano?

Hii ndo Country profile kwa mujibu wa BBC website
Mineral Occurrence in Tanzania by TMAA

Though it remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with many of its people living below the World Bank poverty line, it has had some success in wooing donors and investors.

Tanzania assumed its present form in 1964 after a merger between the mainland Tanganyika and the island of Zanzibar, which had become independent the previous year.

Unlike many African countries, whose potential wealth contrasted with their actual poverty, Tanzania had few exportable minerals and a primitive agricultural system. To remedy this, its first president, Julius Nyerere, issued the 1967 Arusha Declaration, which called for self-reliance through the creation of cooperative farm villages and the nationalisation of factories, plantations, banks and private companies.

But a decade later, despite financial and technical aid from the World Bank and sympathetic countries, this programme had completely failed due to inefficiency, corruption, resistance from peasants and the rise in the price of imported petroleum.

Maswali magumu:
1. Japo ni masikini sana lakini tuna utajiri wa kuvutia wafadhili na wawekezaji. Why? wanatusaidiaje hawa kuondoka na lindi la umasikini sana?

2. Hati Tanzania ina madini machache sana yauzwavyo nje? mbona ramani hii imesheheni Madini kila sehemu?  kilimo cha kizamani karne hii ya 21! WHY?

3. Hiyo para ya mwisho imeniacha hoi, NO COMMENT!

source: bbc website 

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