November 18, 2010

Ten key indicators of a Great MLM/Network Marketing Co.

Ten key indicators of a Great MLM/Network Marketing Co.

1. Quality Products

Look for a company that has a proven, mainstream product line. Quality products are remembered long after gimmicks and fades have faded.

2. No pass-Ups

you should look for a marketing plan that rewards you for your efforts. When some one you sponsored excels in sales you will be rewarded and not passed up.

3. No Demotions

A distributor should not be demoted due to inactivity of sales. Once you have been promoted to a certain level you should remain at that level for life.

4. Bonuses paid on the RETAIL price of the product

Even though you only pay wholesale prices for your products, a quality company will still pay your bonuses on the RETAIL price of the product.

5. Proven Financial Stability

The company’s sales chart should demonstrate their steady growth, sales figures and sales history, ultimately projecting their future trends.

6. At LEAST 5-year minimum industry experience

A well – established MLM will make it past the crucial first 5 years with solid management, a strong business plan, motivated distributors and quality products.

7. Multi income Opportunities

A variety of income opportunities should be offered to you, along with the advantages of working on your own schedule, either part or full time and working from home. you should enjoy the multiple opportunities to earn money, such as profit sharing and earned incentive bonuses.

8. Consumamble Products

consumable products help you to easily build a base of loyal customers wanting to regularly purchase replacement products. an active consumer base is the key to a successful MLM and can only be built on QUALITY consumable products.

9. Extensive Support Network

Your company should offer extensive support, from training seminars and materials, to incentives and helpful staff, at the regional, national and International levels. Remember, your success directly affects the MLM’s success.

10. International Presence

A company with a multiple-year track record that is established around the world shows growth, reliability and quality products. Most companies that venture internationally are stable and have ample industry experience.

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