February 11, 2009

Ningali najiuliza jamani!!!!

Nina uhakika kuwa walioamua kufanza mchezo huu kwa waheshimiwa watakuwa wanavijua vyooooote hivi na wangeweza kuvitumia kwa kazi yao popote pale na si KITANDANI na wakapata walichokuwa wakitafuta tena vingine ni viduchu ka senti hamsini ya enzi zile, SWALI KWANINI WAKACHAGUA VILE NA KWANINI WAKACHAGUA CHUMBANI,KITANDANI TENA UVUNGUNI KUNASA SAUTI (SAUTI ZA NINI?) HUKO CHINI??????????

Characteristics: • Case: black plastic / silver or golden metallic

• Sizes: 44x28x6.5 mm

• Weight: not more than 7 gram (without a battery)

• Record mode: mono

• Battery life in record mode, with sampling rate 8 K Hz, without compression, from fully-charged battery is up to 67 hours

Battery life in record mode with VAS and audio signal below a threshold) : up to 190 hours

• Power supply: one 3V battery (d=20mm, h=3.2 mm- CR2032)

• Operation time in a stand-by mode: up to 8.5 months You are welcome to find more detailed description of B33 here.

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