November 28, 2011

Movie debut: How Canon's C300 camera was created - British Journal of Photography

Movie debut: How Canon's C300 camera was created - British Journal of Photography:

When Canon announced that it was developing a new concept digital SLR with 4K video recording capabilities, photographers wondered whether the new model would be the long-awaited EOS 5D Mark III.

And while the new concept camera has so far remained unnamed, Mike Owen, Canon's European professional communication manager, in an interview with BJP's news and online editor Olivier Laurent at the Cinema EOS launch event in Berlin, confirmed that the camera [pictured above] will not be part of the firm's EOS range of still cameras.

"The Cinema EOS system is a system," he tells BJP. "It will have multiple products as the EOS product line has, and the thing that will tie all of this together will be the lens mount, because we feel that our lenses are one of our key assets. But when it comes to the concept camera, that will be part of the Cinema system, and the still EOS range will continue to develop as it has been over the past few years."

The confirmation comes as Canon is heavily promoting its Cinema EOS C300 camera to the European market, which, despite its fragmentation, is home to the world's largest filmmaking community. "It's always difficult to address a fragmented market when launching a new product," says Owen, "but it's the same with every single product we launch. We always try to have, as much as possible, a unified European approach to launching products. But, in terms of the implementation of the message, it can very complicated. One message, for example, that might work in the UK might not work in the Middle East."

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