August 31, 2009

Kashehe la umeme ni OPPORTUNITY pia, Tanesco mpooooo???

The perennial electricity shortage in East Africa should be considered an opportunity for exploiting other energy sources that are abundant in the region, a power expert has said. Speaking recently in Dar es Salaam, the executive secretary of the East African Power Pool (EAPP) project, Mr Jasper Oduor, said the use of renewable sources in the region was long overdue.
GA_googleFillSlot( "AllAfrica_Story_InsetA" ); He said East Africa had abundant sunshine and good weather that would viably support investment in power and energy provision, adding that scarcity was the mother of opportunities and a source of progress.
"In an era that emphasises clean energy, renewable energy sources such solar, wind and hydro provide opportunities in the provision of electricity power necessary to drive economies and improve the wellbeing of citizens in the region.
"Beneath our feet is also the vast potential of geothermal energy, which is another renewable source," Mr Oduor added.

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