June 12, 2011

Prostate cancer - wafahamu kiasi gani juu ya ugonjwa huu???

Here are the TEN important things every Tanzanian
should know about prostate cancer:
  •  About 1,250 Tanzanian men will probably be
diagnosed with prostate cancer this year — and
many of them will die of this disease. 
  •  Only men can get prostate cancer. Women can
not get prostate cancer, because they do not
have a prostate 
  •  If a man’s father, grandfather, uncle or brother has
or had prostate cancer, then he is at greater risk
than most men. 
  • Black African men seem to be at a higher risk for
prostate cancer than White men, but we don’t know
  • In its earliest and most curable stages, prostate
cancer has no symptoms at all. 
  • The key to the effective management of prostate
cancer is early detection, using regular physical
exams and simple blood tests called PSA tests. 
  • Many men, particularly older men, with early stages
of prostate cancer, may never need to be treated
at all. 
  • There are several ways to treat early stage prostate
cancer, and they all have similar results.
  • Every form of treatment for prostate cancer has
some serious risks and some serious possible side
  • For any specific type of treatment, doctors with
extensive experience using that treatment
technique can reduce the patient’s risk for

What is Prostate Cancer?
  • Prostate cancer starts in the prostate, a walnutsized gland found below the bladder.
  • If it isn’t treated, prostate cancer follows a natural course, starting as a tiny group of cancer cells that can grow into a full-blown tumor. 
  • In some men, prostate cancer that isn’t treated can spread (”metastasize”) and cause death.  

Wengi wetu (kinababa) uenda twaugua maradhi haya (kansa ya kibofu) lakini hatujui, madhara yake ni makubwa ikiwamo kukosa hamu ya tendo la ndoa na nyingine nyiiingi soma hapa

Waweza kujikinga nao kwa kupata virutubisho sahihi mara kwa mara, ni virutubisho gani??? nipigie au ni email kwa ikiwa wapenda kufahamu zaidi.

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