April 22, 2010

TTB Mpooooo? Tanzania, Botswana Top Africa Travel Destinations

Wakati Rais JK akimteua Mfanyabiashara wa Marekani na Ndugu wa Mwigiuzaji maarufu Brad Pitt, Doug Pitt kuwa Balozi wa Heshima wa Utalii Tanzania, Mtandao mmoja unaojihusisha na mambo ya utalii yaitangaza Tanzania kuwa Kinara kwa Utalii Africa. Wow hizi ni habari njema sana kwa Bongo na asa kwa ujio wa fainali za Kombe La Dunia huko Bondeni Mwezi Juni. TTB Changamkieni taarifa hizi na kuziuza kwa nguvu zote.

The results are in. The Fazendin Portfolio, a travel representation firm specializing in marketing African safari camps, lodges and safari outfitters, released the results of its first quarter 2010 African Travel industry survey.

What did they find? The selection of Tanzania and Botswana as top African travel destinations in 2010, a growth in online/social media in marketing African travel in 2010 and beyond, and a continued challenge in keeping up with and qualifying inquiries.

The results were gathered from surveys taken by travel agents and tour operators, over two-thirds of whom travel to Africa. The other top leaders include South Africa (tied with Botswana), Kenya and Zambia.

The most important factors for clients were camp guides/hosting and value for money. Green/eco-friendly operations did not appear to be particularly important.

When asked the greatest business challenge of 2010 thus far, respondents mentioned keeping up with the volume of inquiries. However they added that not all inquiries are serious and it makes it difficult to qualify and make the sale while being time efficient.

Visit www.fazendinportfolio.com.

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