September 6, 2011

Hii kali, Machangu wanalipishwa Tsh 12, 000 za "parking"!!!!!!!!

Prostitutes in Bonn must pay 6 euros a night to walk the streets #Germany.

 Officials in Bonn, Germany have decided that the city’s prostitutes must from now on put 6 euros in a meter every night when they set out to find customers. Anyone who tries to work without paying could end up being banned.

The move has caused considerable controversy, with some claiming that prostitutes will be forced away from well-lit areas and will be easier prey for attackers. Others argue that the government should be trying to help prostitutes off the streets rather than simply forcing them to pay.

However, some people welcome the move, and see it as a realistic way of trying to regulate the industry.

Prostitutes will be required to put the money into a machine that has been set up in the city, close to the main areas of prostitution. The tickets will permit a prostitute to work between 8:15pm and 6am. If the scheme is successful, other German cities could follow.


Source: HERE

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